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SEG Series 5-15 HP

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Stable air pressure, steady airflow, and quieter, continuous-duty operation are just a few of the advantages you get with FS-Curtis rotary screw compressors. These smart, compact units also offer better air quality with less oil carryover than reciprocating models. Simple controls and diagnostics make them easy to use and service, too. It all adds up to an extremely reliable machine that can run 100% continuous duty, delivering more airflow and better efficiency in a space-saving design — making the SEG Series ideal for automotive, light industrial and other applications that require reliable performance in demanding conditions.

dBA Shield Noise Reduction

Designed for whisper-quiet operation.

  • Integration of fan and drive motors make for extremely smooth and quiet operation
  • Extra-thick sound insulation reduces noise
  • Can be installed in applications where a quiet setting is important

eCool® Technology

The ultimate in system protection and reliability.

  • Protects critical components from compressor-generated heat
  • Extends component life and reduces downtime

Quality Components

Built to the highest levels of dependability and reliability.

  • All components are generously sized and selected for the utmost in reliability
  • User-friendly AIMS controller features large, easy-to-read display and informative menus

Superior Package Design

Designed for low cost of ownership and easy service.

  • Space-saving compact design
  • Pulsation-free air
  • 100% continuous duty
  • Extended service intervals
  • More CFM per horsepower
  • Improved air quality
  • Energy efficiency at full load delivers more air for the money
  • Optional dryer gives full system design in a smaller footprint
  • Exclusive FS-Curtis airends utilize the latest rotor profile to maximize efficiency

Highlighted Features

dBA Shield Noise Reduction

Designed for whisper-quiet operation.

eCool® Technology

The ultimate in system protection and reliability.

Quality Components

Built to the highest levels of dependability and reliability.

Superior Package Design

Designed for low cost of ownership and easy service.

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