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RS Series RS50D-RS300D

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RS Rotary Screw Air Compressors are low cost and easy to service. These units have a leak free design, easily accessible service points and a long history of reliability.

Rotary Screw Air Compressor Key Features:

  • Low Power Consumption
  • Optimal component selection for maximum performance in the toughest applications
  • Smart control options for power savings in all conditions
  • Highly efficient air ends with EPAct efficiency motors for low power consumption

Low Cost Service

  • Easy and open access to service points
  • Standard and long life components require minimum service
  • Rugged and leak free design for reduced maintenance costs High Performance
  • Precision engineered component sizing for maximum performance
  • High efficiency filtration and separation for maximum flow and durability
  • Large and slow speed air end for high performance and extended service life

Highlighted Features

  • Intake filter (heavy duty)
  • High efficiency air end
  • Low loss drive system
  • EPAct efficiency electric motor
  • Across the line starter (50HP-100HP)
  • Y/D starter (125HP-300HP)
  • On-line/Off-line with modulation
  • Timed dual control (50HP)
  • 115V control voltage
  • Multi-stage oil separation system
  • Heavy-duty oil filter with by-pass
  • Oil level sight glass

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