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Norco 3 1/2 Ton SUV Truck Jack


1/2 Ton Capacity SUV & Service Truck Jack

Highlighted Features

  • Steel hydraulic block construction includes a double pump
  • Piston design that quickly raises the jack to the maximum height
  • Long, two piece handle with knurled hand grip and foam handle sleeve provides:
    • Ease of pumping
    • Longer reach for positioning under overhang
    • Ease for transportation and storage
    • Ease of pumping in tight quarters when second handle section is removed
  • 4″ low and 21-3/8″ maximum lift heights (without saddle adapter)
  • 7″ low and 24-3/8″ maximum lift heights (with saddle adapter)
  • Safety by-pass system protects pressure cylinder
  • Safety overload system prevents jack from being used beyond its rated capacity
  • Heavy-duty chassis for added strength and dependability

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