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Hunter ForceMatch® HD Wheel Balancer

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Heavy-duty truck and bus wheel balancer and wheel balance machine.

Highlighted Features


Ensures proper centering & Eliminates setup errors


Improve balance, Minimizes weight usage & Maximizes productivity

Bottom-Dead-Center Laser

Speeds tape-weight placement & Improves accuracy

Printer Option

Prints service record & Explain results to customers

HammerHead® Option

Speeds clip-weight placement & Improves balance

Dataset® Arms

Auto-select balancing mode & Perform runout measurement on rim

HD Load Roller

Roller detects high spot of tire and allows matching & Measures entire contact patch for accurate results

HD Wheel Lift

Easily lifts wheel assemblies up to 500 lbs. & Aids proper mounting

Balance any size wheel

Services cars and light trucks & Uses standard adaptors

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