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EBS Transmission Flush

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ET-1 #1000-0080 Transmission Fluid Service

Highlighted Features

  • A very versatile machine to provide ATF fluid services.
  • Our technology performs profitable ATF cooler line exchanges quickly in as little as 5-10 minutes, as well as the most effective, efficient, and safe dipstick fluid exchanges on the market  
  • 120 vac fused power converted to 12 vdc eliminates inconsistent battery voltage and sparking problems
  • Automatic operation, simple push button controls  
  • ET-1 service modes – cooler line, fixed amount dipstick or manual dipstick service capability with one machine  
  • Includes industry standard full adapter kit  Solid state 1/10 quart/liter accuracy level sensors for a trouble free service  
  • Sonic level sensor technology maintains precise volume of old and new fluid during the fluid exchange process. This assures a precise, instantaneous reacting, non-turbulent exchange process.  
  • Visual monitoring of job progress  No fluid co-mingling during the exchange process.  
  • Three dedicated fluid pumps and circuits for new, used and waste fluid  
  • Large new fluid fill spout for fast filling.  
  • 32 quart capacity for new and used tanks  
  • Tank level LED indicators quarts or liters  
  • Diagnostic gauge to indicate transmission pressures and correct flow direction  
  • A 4 GPM used fluid pump for waste disposal  
  • Roto-molded heavy duty cabinet with built in handle  
  • Locking front swivel wheels and large 8”rear wheel provide ease of movement  
  • Additional specialty adapters are available for European, Chrysler, Ford and GM

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