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GTX Direct‑Lift® Pro‑Cycle Droptail Motorcycle Lift


The GTX Direct‑Lift® Pro‑Cycle Droptail Motorcycle Lift and GTX Direct‑Lift® Pro Cycle XLT DT

These motorcycle lifts are the same as their standard bike lift counterparts (the GTX Direct‑Lift® Pro Cycle and GTX Direct‑Lift® Pro Cycle XLT, respectively), except the “DT” (also known as “Drop Tail”)  is now added for easier wheel service.

Easy to assemble, made great with heavy steel.

Extended side rails and ramps for use with ATV’s, 4-wheelers, mowers etc.

Very well built and sturdy.

Delivery and installation service available through FAST Equipment by ALI-certified technician.

GTX Direct‑Lift® Pro‑Cycle Droptail Motorcycle Lift and GTX Direct‑Lift® Pro Cycle XLT DT lift and side extensions are sturdy. Therefore, they will provide the consumer with many years of motorcycle repair, as well as countless other uses!

Call FAST at 1-800-225-7234 for competitive pricing and availability.

*Blackjack 1000 pound jack available – not included.

Fast Equipment Motorcycle Lift GTX Pro Cycle DT by Direct Lift




Motorcycle Lift Used as a Golf Cart lift 1000 lbs.

5 / 5 Customer Testimonials

I am retired & recondition older golf carts as a hobby to supplement my Social Security. I have to lie down on the floor to work under the carts, needless to say at my age it is difficult. When not on the floor, I am constantly bending over for hours to work on the battery compartments & frames. Now I have my Pro‑Cycle Motorcycle lift and this all has changed.
Since purchasing the GTX DT Motorcycle lift, it is great to lift the carts up to a comfortable working height. This relieves the stress. I am glad I did purchase the lift. However, my only regret is that I did not buy it sooner.
The Direct‑Lift® Pro‑Cycle  lift is 24″ wide and fits between the wheels & lifts the cart by the frame leaving it where I can change tires. I work on brakes & change bearings without jack stands. I need to work beneath the frame sometimes. It is very simple to put jack stands under it without having to get on the floor. As you can see in the pictures, I have a limited working space. There are also height restrictions. This works perfectly. I considered a post lift instead. However, this is less restrictive for my shop and cost-efficient. I show and demonstrate the motorcycle lift to anyone who comes to my house. I am recommending it to everyone. It is also great for my riding lawn mower. I did have to build a couple of ramps to gain clearance for the golf cart frames, but that was well worth it! This has helped me greatly. 
When you need to lift equipment less then 1000 lbs with limited space, this GTX Direct‑Lift® Pro‑Cycle Droptail Motorcycle lift is your answer. It also works on air pressure. In turn, less hand jacks are involved. 






Product Specifications

Length w/ Ramp 113"
Length w/o Ramp 93"
Removable Approach Ramp 20"
Air Requirements 90 – 100 PSI
Width 24"
Full Rise 33"
Fully Lowered 7-1/4"
Capacity 1,000 lbs.
Shipping Weight 450 lbs.
Length of Cut Out 19-1/2"

Highlighted Features

  • 93″ table length w/o ramp
  • Diamond plate surface
  • Vise included
  • Powder coated
  • Extended length standard
  • Air operated / Foot pedal
  • Available in Black color only

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