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Direct Lift Pro Floor 9


Pro Floor 9 closes the gap between the runways

The Pro Floor 9 by Direct Lift allows you to maximize your storage possibilities.

The addition of the Pro-Floor 9 to your lift will allow you to store your stuff up out of the way and provides space for parking your car underneath.

8 pieces are required to create a solid deck and are sold separately.

Complete set shown.

More About the Pro Floor 9

This lift system is designed to cover the gap between the runways on the Pro Park 9 or Rotary Revolution RFP9 lift and allows you to maximize your storage possibilities…
The addition of the Pro Floor 9 to your lift will allow you to store practically anything you own…

  • ATVs
  • lawn equipment
  • boxes
  • tools
  • building materials

…and still be able to park your car below while your “stuff” is up and out of the way !

The Pro Floor 9 is sold in individual sections. 8 sections required to fully-cover the Pro Floor 9, Pro Park 9 or Rotary Revolution RFP9 lift.

  • Provides Maximum Storage
  • Capacity (each section) 375 lbs.
  • Available in BLACK powder coat finish only
  • Dimensions 39″L x 22″W
  • Lightweight Sections

Shipping Weight 30 lbs. (per section)

Product Specifications

Capacity (each section) 375 lbs.
Width 39"
Length 22"
Weight 30 lbs.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight
  • Provides maximum storage
  • Compatible with Pro-Park 9 Plus
  • 8 pieces required per lift (Each sold separately)
  • Available in Black only

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